The 7 Sacred Teachings

The 7 Sacred Teachings t-shirts and hoodies, designed by Taos Pueblo artist, Jonathan WarmDay, will be available for purchase through this website as of October 1, 2010.

"The Seven Sacred Teachings are at the foundation of North American Indigenous belief. These teachings honor spiritual law and bring us back to our connection to the land—to nature. The Seven Sacred Teachings are represented by seven animals. Each animal offers a special gift and understanding of how we as people should live our lives on Mother Earth."

--Dave Courchene/ Neeghani Aki Innini (Leading Earth Man)
First Nations Elder Anishnabe Nation Eagle Clan The Turtle Lodge


JONATHAN WARM DAY, a self-taught artist, has been painting most of his life.  His paintings have been shown at The International Museum of Art, El Paso, Texas, Castellani Art Museum of Niagara University and most recently at The Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, Santa Fe, New Mexico where he was the only living artist featured among the greats, in a year long show” Native American Picture Books of Change. His first book, “Taos Pueblo Painted Stories" has just gone in to its third printing.

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